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Genre: Rock/Pop
Snowpatrol/Coldplay style with repeating electrig guitar line. Strings and drums. Uplifting mood.
Forgotten Memories
Genre: Acoustic/Tranquil
Acoustic guitar with distant pads and synths. Tranquil mood.
Forced Feelings
Genre: House/Corporate
Filtered pads and drums into piano melody, ideal for corporate branding
Walking the Line
Genre: Blues/Pop
Blues electric piano with trumpet and acoustic piano solo. Reflective mood.
Wishing Well
Genre: Ambient
Electric guitar melody with laid back percussion and drums, distant pads. Trumpet solo and piano.
Genre: Ambient/Chillout
Bass melody with pads, laid back drums and electric piano solo. Acoustic piano mid section.
Genre: House
Uplifting synths with happy piano melody. House drums and bass.
Fight or Flight
Genre: Chill out
Electric piano with blues feel, cool drums and bass. Acoustic piano solo.
Paradise Lost
Genre: Dance
Downbeat guitar melody with pads, big dance drums and synth leads.
For Eternity
Genre: Chill out
Acoustic guitar and synth keys with chill out beats. Strings later in middle.

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