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The Prince of Thieves
Genre: Tranquil
Calm and uplifting pads and strings. Beautiful piano theme with flute solo.
Samba Feet
Genre: World/Ambient/Jazz
Very laid back drums and electric piano with distant trumpet and electric guitar solo. Cool mood.
Strength by Love
Genre: Ambient/Orchestral/Electronic
Arpeggio synth with warm strings and piano melody. Reflective mood.
The Chilled Out Raj
Genre: World/Ambient
Chilled out Indian instruments with tablas and sitar melody.
Myths and Legends
Genre: Classical/Piano/Orchestral
Beautiful piano melody with marcato strings.Positive mood.
Motion of Time
Genre: Dance/Electronic
Classic fast dance arp pattern with uplifting mood. Staccato strings in the chorus. Positive feel.
Fight or Flight
Genre: Ambient/Piano
Electric piano with blues feel, cool drums and bass. Acoustic piano solo.
The Main Stage
Genre: Rock/Guitar
Catchy guitar melodies. Rock drums and bass. Solo guitar in mid section. Summer feel.
Ghost Writer
Genre: Piano/Jazz
Slow electric piano with hammon organ. Sax solo. Piano solo in mid section.
Genre: Dance/Electronic
Uplifting synths with happy piano melody. House drums and bass.

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