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Fortune Favours the Brave
Genre: Ambient/Electronic
Strings and electric piano lead with drums and hard synth line.
Genre: Dance/Electronic
High end trance lead lines with pulsating bass and drums.
Bar by the Beach
Genre: World/Ambient/Electronic/Jazz
Classic brazil chillout with sax lead.
The Predator
Genre: Dance/Electronic
Pulsating trance lead with drums and synth melodies.
Whispers to the Heart
Genre: Acoustic/World/Ambient
Lush pads and acoustic guitar. Full string section with soaring melodies. Beautiful.
Caribbean Sands
Genre: World
Classic Caribbean sounds with guitar and steel drum melodies.
Big Bad Moon
Genre: World/Piano/Electronic
Piano Melody with distorted guitar lead. Soft break in mid section.
Until the Dawn
Genre: Rock/Guitar
Slower tempo rock guitars with big chorus.
Walking Tall
Genre: Rock/Acoustic/World/Guitar
Big brass and guitars, hammon organ. Horn lead and electric guitar solo.
The Last Warrior
Genre: Acoustic/World/Ambient
Authentic far eastern instruments and percussion. Beautiful flute solo.

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